President Ronald "Gunner" Tronolone's Message Western New York Chapter
I am excited to be President of this organization's Western New York Chapter. I have been a member since its founding and have had the pleasure of working and interacting with our members during activities organized by the chapter and in everyday business practice in Western New York.
Being a member participating in events and educational opportunities has made me a better practitioner and turned my peers into acquaintances and friends rather than just a name on a website or an unfamiliar voice on the other end of the phone. My experience is proof of the importance and the need to continue implementing our stated mission; 
"Our mission is to focus on Networking Opportunities, Providing Education and Community Awareness. These strategies serve as a guide during the decision-making process and we confirm that one or more of these areas are met before implementing new programs or events."
I have had the pleasure of serving as a member of our Board of Directors and I observed from my fellow Board Members' great dedication and a solid work ethic with the goal of fulfilling our mission.  I am proud of the work they have done.
We ask the support and participation of all of our members and we look forward to growing together in the coming year.
Please feel free to contact us with comments and ideas you may have to better fulfill our mission. Please recommend to practitioners in Commercial Real Estate and related fields to participate in the chapter activities and to join our ranks.
Thank you,
WNY Chapter of NYSCAR President"
M J Peterson Real Estate